RAS Subbing Steps

This will help you understand how we do our work. It’s our subbing process steps before releasing our videos and it’ll explain you what each job do. Hopefully it will make you see how much work we actually put on the subbed videos we release. ^^
They have the most important job in a subbing team. Without them, the rest of the staff cannot start their work. Right now, we have Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai translators. Their jobs depends on how long the videos are. For a 30 minute video, they usually have at least 1 day to translate. For 1 hour or long videos, they have at least 2 days to translate. It is time consuming because you have to have good eye coordination and really good with listening. If you’re lucky, there would be subtitles in the video like 2NE1tv but if they don’t, you’ll be doing a lot of listening. RAS is known for our extra translations like korean idioms or korean jokes and history so everybody can understand more what they are talking about more. So translators, very important job.
Once the translations are done, it’s the editors job to make sure that they all make sense. That means their job is to make sure the grammar, spelling and punctuations are all correct. And that the translations are understandable and correct. They also make certain lines are of an appropriate length to display properly, style the lines to distinguish between dialog, written text, voiceovers, and Soundtrack lyrics when appropriate. For a 30 minute video, they usually take a couple hours but if its 1 hour or longer like 2NE1tv, it could take them a couple hours or a day. All depends on the editor and how fast they can edit it.
Timers take the lines of translated text, and using Aegisub software, must time the subtitles to display in sync with the video. Basically its their job to connect the subtitles to the audio of the video. We actually tell our timers to practice and practice when they have a free time so they can get used to how we like to time our videos and basically to get used to timing. It is time consuming but if you’re really dedicated to doing it, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.
Their jobs is simple. To make the subtitles pretty. They use different fonts and colors to make the subtitles pretty and to make sure that it matches with the characters that pops on the screen like the captions which you see a lot on 2NE1tv. Their job is also important because with right colors and fonts, it attracts the viewers more while watching the videos.
Basically they are the one who make sure that everything are in right order and that they are all correct. They check if the translations are correct, the spelling, and that the subtitles matches the audio. Their jobs are actually the most important because they are the last step before putting the subtitles and videos together. So if they make a mistake, the encoders will have to encode all over again.
Using VirtualDub software, their jobs are to glue the subtitles to the video. The very last step before releasing the video. They are the ones to make sure the quality of the video is good, that the logo is also glued there and everything are in the proper place.
Depends on how fast your internet is and how big the video is, the uploaders are the one who upload the videos on YGL, Twitvid, Dailymotion and Facebook. They’re the ones who cut the videos if they’re too long so you guys can see them and get them downloaded faster.

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