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A place where our Royal Ace Subs Team can be recognized. I know a lot of people has come and go in the team but there are still some that sticked through thick and thin. I want to take the time to let others recognize them. The staff that are listed in the staff list are the people who has worked hard to help release videos after videos for you guys. The staff listed in the credits on every videos we released are the hard working staff that are always there for you guys to help understand what our crazy girls 2NE1 are saying in the videos.

This place will be a place where our RAS staff can come in and read what everyone posted so they could get strength from everyone. Everyone has school, work, plus subbing to do so everyone are just juggling with whatever free time they have left. I want this page to be a place for them to come and relax, get energized to work again like being on a vacation. (We read the comments u guys leave us on our RAS twitter and facebook page too. ^^)

So if we don’t release videos on the time when we usually release them, please understand that it’s because we are behind with the subbing process. We sub videos because we love 2NE1. We don’t sub for money but only the enjoyment of sharing 2NE1′s crazyness with other Blackjacks around the world. ^^

Give us the extra strength to work even harder because without you guys, RAS wouldn’t be here now. We need that extra pat on the back saying, “You can do it! Fighting!!” ^.^

PS: Let’s all work together to make RAS shine ♥

8 thoughts on “Thank You

    You are a subbing saviors!!! You are so hard working & speedy, I am one of the many people that appreciate everything you do. I really really appreciate the amount that you sub – you sub absolutely everything – whole episodes where the girls aren’t the focus for the entire show & even give us notes on sayings, word plays used. I am forever grateful for everything that you guys do for BlackJacks <3333

  2. Gonna leave a nice comment on this official page of yours. Really appreciate all the hard work you guys do. I see people being really pushy about subs and everything but hope you guys don’t get too stressed over it! Just take your time with everything and we’ll still enjoy it either way! Continue doing whatever magic you guys are doing, however you’re doing it! If only 2NE1 actually gave a nice shout out to you guys! They should know that RAS are subbing their videos for international fans ^^ Make sure to link them to your pages whenever YGL send them packages!!

  3. Dear Royal Ace Subs,

    Thank you so much for subbing all the episodes of 2NE1TV from Season 1 until now, amongst all your other projects. It was immense and I know that you guys have sacrificed so much of your time and effort that we as viewers will never know of. I sincerely thank you for opening the doors wider to the world of 2NE1 goodness and I’m sure that the girls appreciate your efforts as well. Thank you!

  4. Alright, I know I don’t actively comment on any of the sites you guys are on but you NEED to know how amazing you are! Since my download capacity is limited, I can never download them but I watch and rewatch on streaming sites all the time! I really hope you guys will stay with 2NE1 forever and continue with this amazing subbing group. Thanks to all the RAS staff that help out with everything! I’m looking forward to more subbed videos! Like the people above, I’d also like to thank you guys for letting us know about Korean/Japanese words too! We learn as we watch ^^! And I’d also like to see 2NE1 thanking you guys one day! It’ll be awesome to see and everyone would be so proud ^^
    RAS fighting! Nolza!

  5. When I first viewed that final episode… At thhe end, I cried… Just seeing Dara and even Bom in such sadness… But to learn that it could be the last season… I hope popular demand brings it back… ;_; I wouldn’t be the huge 2NE1 fan I am without 2NE1 TV. I love their music, but I also love the people they are and that they’ve become.

    So this time I was prepared to view the end… But then the RAS message came up saying many of the same things Dara and Bom said… It really touched me. RAS, thank you for … EVERYTHING you do. All of you. I hope not one of you reads this and doesn’t realise, “Oh, she’s talking to ME!” YES, YOU! No matter how small or big a part you had, thank you for all the hours of hard work, going back and forth doing all of this difficult work. You are a wonderful team and we all love you guys so much… Thank you for offering us a view into the world we wanted to view so badly in a language we could understand… We are so fortunate to have such dedicated staff and fans.

    I truly hope 2NE1 TV continues and that maybe this was a ploy to get people to rise up in fury/rage/excitement/panic to beg for more episodes to be done… To increase popularity and make networks realise 2NE1 TV is a big deal… 3 seasons were wonderful but will never be enough… Thank you, all RAS subbers, for continuing this journey with YGL and with BlackJacks everywhere.

  6. Thank youuuu RAS!!! You guys are amazing! Thank you for subbing 2NE1 shows so fast and always providing us with notes to explain some words or play on words!
    Keep it up, RAS team rocks!! ^^

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