Contact Us

There are many places where you can contact us so feel free to pick one that is best for you or just use all of them. ^^

Once you join (, you’ll be able to contact us through PMs. We always check our threads there so we can reply to you ASAP. Just make sure not to spam. There are consequences if you do.

You can email us with questions or suggestions at ( If you are planning to join our team, you can email us your applications too. Just make sure to leave [your name, position wanted, experience, examples of your work and the amount of time you come online every week]. This is just to see if you are dedicated to joining us and not just a temporary staff. Being a RAS member means having another family. As a family, we must be there for each other.

If you are following us through our facebook page (, we can reply to you faster there too.  ^^ We check the comments and posts there everyday so we see all the comments you guys leave there. It makes our day <3

TWITTER! We do have a twitter account. (@RoyalAceSubs) We post anything that comes up there. Also links for the stream sites once we upload them.

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